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  • Thorough marketing including signage, LoopNet, MLS, Craigslist,, print and social media advertising.
  • Property showings.
  • Meticulous Tenant screenings w/ credit reports.
  • Lease negotiations & tenant move-in using up to date agreements and all mandated disclosure documents.
  • Management of maintenance & repair services w/ prescreened team of professionals.
  • Reserve planning.
  • 24/7 call center.
  • Major renovation, rehab and capital improvement oversight.
  • Free service of 3- and 30-day notices with legal referrals if necessary.
  • Check out inspections and preparation of every unit for lease.
  • Separate trust account banking.
  • Bill payment and expense pass-thrus.
  • Commona Area Maintenance reconciliations.
  • Comprehensive, computerized monthly and year end financial statements (including a complete record of all collections and disbursements).
  • Automatic deposit of net rent proceeds to owner's bank accounts.

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