About Us

Our Company

Since 1986, Monticello Property Management has been providing exceptional services to Southern California property owners. We are a multi-faceted residential and commercial property management company that understands the importance of maximizing our client's return on investment.

Our Philosophy

We treat every property in our portfolio, regardless of size, as if it were our own. We tailor our services to meet each property owner's goals and objectives. We take our responsibility to be fair, honest and ethical very seriously. We are committed to personal integrity and to upholding the best interests of our clients at all times. We continually focus on the bottom line and on maintaining the value of your real estate holdings. Finally, we are accountable - we do what we say we're going to do when we say we're going to do it.

Our Team

Our team of talented, experienced, and budget-conscious professionals offer unparalleled customer service. Our goal is to continually exceed expectations. We are always seeking new and innovative ways to serve our clients. We provide 24/7 call center support for current and prospective tenants so no inquiry goes unanswered. We have developed a strong network of qualified and reliable maintenance professionals who are always available to respond to both emergency and routine maintenance calls.

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive property management solution that is designed to meet each owner's individual needs. These services include marketing of vacancies, meticulous tenant screenings, lease negotiations and tenant move-in using up to date agreements and all mandated disclosure documents, ongoing tenant interaction, management of maintenance & repair services with a prescreened team of professionals, 24/7 call center support, rent collection, separate trust account banking, accounting, bill payment and other financial services, computerized monthly and year end financial statements, reserve planning, legal referrals, staffing, troubleshooting and automatic deposits of owner's net proceeds.

Our Fees

We provide high quality services at very competitive rates with no hidden surprises. Our fees are based on the scope of services required and are clearly outlined in your management agreement.